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     Initially, I obtained my A.A.S. in Environmental Science & Cert. Water Resource Management to work in water treatment. I spent six years gaining invaluable knowledge of the applied aspects of physics and chemistry, industrial operations (including but not limited to OSHA, EPA/NC safety regs). Working in that industry also provides great experience with federal, state and local regulatory frameworks and the responsibility of building, operating and maintaining multi-million dollar assets, which included building a new facility. Such an industry also gives first hand experience in environmental planning & stewardship as well as environmental health science. I began seeing the need for more professionals in environmentally concerned industries, especially water, to have a greater knowledge and experience with the natural sciences but as well as data analytics, statistics and programming.

     These experiences are why I chose to pursue my undergrad in Physics and Chemistry. From the beginning we work with real-world data sets, which in fact far more often we generated ourselves experimentally. With these data sets, rather than examples or text-book exercises, we used applied statistics to analyze the results which in some cases would be used as experimental conclusions or applied to the next phase of an experiment. Within chemistry and physics, statistical knowledge is critical as it underpins nearly everything in those fields. As a student of science, the intrinsic motivation to learn is an invaluable skill for any sector, but particularly those in any area of science or engineering.

     These experiences have also been aided by a passion for technology. Such generation and maintenance of relevant data necessitates database management and knowledge of systems outside the normal scope of the everyday office PC.

     Combined, I have 14 years of academic and professional experience. My ideal career would be a fusion of these sectors where I can bring my knowledge of analytics and the natural sciences to environmentally concerned industries.



May 2006 A.A.S. Environmental Science, Western Piedmont Community College
  Water Resource Management Certificate
Sept: 2008 North Carolina Water Treatment Operator Certification Grade A
Dec 2017 B.S. Chemistry, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  B.A. Physics, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  Mathematics Minor



Computational Science & Research Chemistry
Database Design/Management Spectroscopy
Regulatory Compliance Water Quality
General Analytics & Data Science Quality Control
Mathematica, FORTRAN, Python Programming   Process Control
Julia & C Programming SCADA
Linux Systems Administration LaTeX
Environmental Policy, Awareness & Science Microsoft Office
PHP & SQL Public Relations & Speaking




(All major academic project presentations/papers are available under Papers & Projects with abstracts and full credits)


Aug 2006 / May 2013:  Surface Water Treatment Plant Operator, Davidson Water Inc.
  · Team Management and participation over quality control testing for regulatory compliance and process standards, including various spectrophotometry, titrations, and pH control. Experience handling bulk quantity of chemicals, including NFPA 704 Hazard 4. General Maintenance duties over pumps, filters, tanks, and other equipment. First line responsibility over approx. 50 million dollars in physical assets. Customer Service, Crisis Management, VIP Tours, and Public Speaking were also involved. Heavily involved in the planning of a new treatment facility and key role in designing new quality control laboratory. Heavy EPA, NC-DEQ, OSHA Regulation experience
Jan 2016 to Jul 2016 Computational Investigation of Adiabatic Systems under spervision of Dr. Michael Messina
Mar 2016 ODE Modeling: Resonance Frequency Effects of Earthquakes on Buildings
Apr 2016 Whitepaper: The Versatility of the Wolfram Language
May 2016 to Current Web & Cloud Server Design & Management
  (including Encryption & Two Factor Authentication)
Apr 2017 Analysis: Bifurcations in Interstellar Gas Clouds (FORTRAN)
Oct 2017 Review: Debate of the Fundamental Structure of Water
Nov 2017 Review: A Summary of Two-State Vector Formalism (Quantum Mechanical Time-Symmetry)
Aug 2017 to Dec 2017 Statistical Analysis of Officer Involved Shootings, LA vs CLT (Python)
Mar 2018 to Apr 2018 GenX in the Cape Fear River: A Short Compendium

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