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Versatility of the Wolfram Language   

     University of North Carolina Wilmington supports Maple over Mathematica, as I discovered my freshman year. However, being the ever-curious and stubborn student coupled with the fact that I'm not terrible with a PC, I decided to investigate multiple CAS packages. Enter my discovery of the wonderous Mathematica software. I can honestly say I have never looked back. I've used it in research projects and other scenarios as well as my own personal studies. I fully believe in this package and felt that if I could voice my opinion in hopes to persuade someone to check it out, that I should -- so here is my point of view on the Wolfram Language, the mainstay of Mathematica as seen from a Science Student. Download button below.



The Putzer Algorithm

The Putzer Algorithm, coded. This was further outlined in my blog post HERE While the intrinsic functions work awesome, certainly some better than this, I simply thought it was a good idea to get a feel for exactly how this works. The code is rather simple.




The Mind Palace Program

This was further outlined in my blog post HERE but the basic idea is you associate images with an idea you want to remember, imprint the idea on a picture if you will. Head over to the blog if you don't understand.




      Upcoming: Digitizing the book Elementary Calculus by Woods & Bailey


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