Blatant Skinnerbox Manipulation!


   Ever stopped and asked yourself why you spent 5 hours playing something stupid like Farmville or Family Guy - The Quest For Stuff (which was one of mine)? Skinner box manipulation, a concept from B. F. Skinner in 1930 has started to dominate many games. You can read the wiki page entry for a Skinner box (or correctly called operant conditioning chamber) HERE. My own exposure to exactly how this lazy method of game design really works occurred in Family Guy, The Quest for Stuff. One of my favorite shows so I downloaded the game and tried it out. Its amazing how much money you can fork out for very little reward. It was appalling. I couldn't believe that the Show's creators would be ok with the terrible portrayal and addict-abusing game design. I submit these games aren't made by gamers; otherwise they would have to have the self respect to see what they're doing as lazy designers. If I were an employer at a top gaming studio, I would be wary of such people. To the consumer, avoid these games. They are money sinks for very little reward. There are tons of actual games out there, I personally recommend any of the Fallout or Elder Scrolls series.
     There is a very great, in-depth, explanation strictly dealing with skinner box manipulation and gaming located on YouTube HERE

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