Microsoft Fonts on Linux

     If your like many Linux users, at some point you wished you had Microsoft Windows Fonts in Linux. Maybe you received a document written in Times New Roman or some standard dictates the font must be in Ariel 10 point. Its a rather simple task to in fact install Windows fonts in Linux. The first thing you need are the TrueType font files from Windows. These are stored in the directory C:/Windows/Fonts. You can just copy these to a flash drive, upload them to your cloud server, or whatever means work best. Just pick your favorites or you can drag them all if you want.

     From here, download them to your Linux OS. On both debain and RHEL based systems the font folder is "/usr/share/fonts". Generally, we can use the terminal to move the files but this is somewhat clumsy when you have a long list. The easiest way to move these font files into the Linux directory listed is to launch your file manager as root. We must do this because by default the user cannot modify root and system folders (with very good reason). The file manager program varies depending upon which graphical desktop you are using. For Gnome and Unity it's nautilus and for KDE its dolphin. What we're going to want to do is launch a terminal window and in the terminal and type the following:

sudo [file manager]

     Remember to sub in the name of your desktop's file manager program for [file manager]. This is going to pop up your file manager window and will allow you to modify system folders graphically. All we want to do is navigate to /usr/share/fonts and create a new directory (call it whatever you want, I used MSFonts). We then drag the font files into that file manager window we've got pointed into that new folder under /usr/share/fonts. If you've stored the font files in a folder already you can just drag the entire folder under ../fonts and not bother with creating a new one. Close out the file manager window. Once that is done fire up your favorite document writer like LibreWriter and see if it works! That's all it takes!


© 2016 Zachary G Wolfe -- Remember to turn your brain off for a reboot sometimes...