Losing Focus


     The fall semester has finally drawn to a close this year of 2016. I admit, I have not done well. As an older student, there are different challenges we face. For starters, you do forget how to be a student, and even fresh high school graduates may not be aware of exactly how they learn. One of the fascinating and upsetting weaknesses of my University is a direct lack of support for students with these issues. Sure they have a help center, but even their own literature contradicts itself. In any event the responsibility falls on ourselves to not lose focus and not get lost in the academics of education - but I did. Now I shall have to pay for it. It would have served me well to heed the advice of Dr. Herman and keep reading literature of a non-acedemic nature in the fields I am interested in. It certainly would have allowed me to keep in touch with why I'm studying what I am studying, likely finishing much better in my classes. But alas, I cannot focus on the past but must look to the future. 2017 is a new year, a new semester, and a new opportunity.

     Now at least I have time to finish updating my website. Among my other efforts to reattach myself to my education I also have begun thinking about a research project, dealing with computations under varying software environments. I also want to digitize a math book that I found very profound, originally printed in 1928, its beyond the 87 year copyright hold so I should be able to do this without contacting anyone - despite the fact the authors are dead and the original publisher is no more. So I say again 2017 will be a good year!

© 2016 Zachary G Wolfe -- Remember to turn your brain off for a reboot sometimes...